How to Uninstall?/ .stl import fail

A while back I installed the Lite Version of Evolute Tools. Now when I try to import .stl files into Rhino I am being prompted for a Pro license key and I am unable to import .stl files.

  • I tried reinstalling Evolute Tools Lite. I was able to successfully export/ import a cube to the file “ImportTest.stl” once.

  • Trying to import another .stl file a dialogue box asking me for an EvoluteTools Pro license key. Once the license key dialogue box has appeared it always appears including for the “ImportTest.stl” file which worked previously.

  • If I disable the Evolute plugins (see image at the end post for which plugins are loaded), I receive an error message when trying to import .stl files (after having restarted Rhino). I receive the following message: "Blocking plug-in EvoluteTools Import. Error importing file “C:\Users\XXXX\Rhino Files\ImportTest.stl”.

  • I used the “EvoluteTools_LITE_64bit.msi” installer but there appears to be no uninstaller in Programs and Features or in the Start menu (the Start menu> EvoluteTools LITE for Rhino 64-bit only contains a link to the Help file). There is no uninstaller in C:\Program Files(x86)\Evolute\EvoluteTools LITE for Rhino 64bit.

  • I’m using Evolute Lite 2.5.8, Windows 10, and Rhino 5 SR12 64-bit.

I would like to be able to uninstall the plugin and return to Rhino’s default import/ export .stl file behaviour.


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I was able to work around the issue by disabling the plugins and renaming the C:\Program Files (x86)\Evolute\EvoluteTools LITE for Rhino 64bit\ folder. But this still leaves all the registry entries.

Hi, importing / exporting should work without a Pro license key, many thanks for the hint, we will fix this problem. In the meanwhile, uninstalling EvoluteTools Lite can be done using one of the following possibilities:

  • Right-click the installer package -> select uninstall
  • Open the control panel -> add/remove programs -> uninstall EvoluteTools Lite

Please let me know whether this helps.

The ‘Add/ Remove Programs’ option was unavailable so I used ‘right-click the installer package -> select uninstall’. It worked like a charm - I had no idea that was option.
As a work around it’s nice to know I can quickly install/ uninstall the plugin so I can continue to play with EvoluteTools as needed. I just purchased a 3D printer so I hadn’t previously required the use of .stl files.
Thank-you for the immediate and helpful support!

While importing, you should select the correct file type from the drop-down list. After installation of evolute, there are multiple file types that can load STL, the evolute loader and the default rhino loader. The evolute loader is listed above the default, so if you don’t explicitly specify which loader you want to use it takes the first one in the list.