How to thicken Mesh Loft and get closed mesh?

I do not know how to continue. I created a Klein bottle that is now visible as a Mesh Loft. I would need to thicken this Mesh Loft, and let it bake as a closed mesh.

How could I continue?

you can use Mesh offset from pufferfish or Mesh Thicken from Weaverbird

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work.

Try 1:

Try 2:

Please note it’s a Mesh Loft and not just a Loft.

can you share your definition so I can help you by taking a look?

This issue has been solved, the original lofting mechanism has been corrected to avoid invalid mesh, so it is always a good practice to make sure no overlapping mesh faces occur.

@Svenja_Vogel please make this post as solved. thank you

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Thank you so much!

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