How to thicken Loft and export as closed mesh?

Hello! How is it possible to give Loft a thickness and bake the resulting geometry as a closed mesh?

So this would be the beginning:

I tried it with Offset and Close Mesh, but it destroys the geometry. Would be very thankful for help!

How about [offset surface] for puffer fish?

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I would have the same question with my attached file. (8.3 KB)

How can I let it work with this shape, without a break in the strip? And is there also a way to set the number of subdivisions?

The Mobius cannot be made with [offset surface] because it is a form of connection with the front and back opposite each other when going around the circle.

I think you need to get an iso curve and Sweep.

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Thank you for your answer. Do you have an idea how this can be done with iso curve and sweep?

I have here another approach but it also doesn’t work: (11.0 KB)

as Masaki Said, it is Challenging to deal with offsetting a Mobius since it flips directionality, Same situation happens in dealing with Meshes, since the facenormals flips.

Please find the attached, It requires Bubalus from Food4Rhino:

2_W (11.0 KB)


Also Same Solution with Pufferfish
2_W (10.2 KB)


Cool, thank you. Is there a way to regulate the number of subdivisions?

you can add the “custom Mesh settings” and play with the values.

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Hello, thank you. I have tried that now. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get super smooth:

Here is the current file: (8.1 KB)

Is there an another/better way to make it smooth? It should be perfect for a 3D print with a very high solution.


use these mesh settings

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Oh, this looks good! Thank you!