How can I merge two lofts together and thicken it?

Hi, I’d like to thicken this surface and get a mesh:

If I try that, my result becomes something like this:

The offset of the Loft goes in two directions. Are there two surfaces on top of each other and this is why it looks so weird?

What is the best way to thicken this surface? And how can I be sure there is just one surface and not two that create a conflict?

Here is the script: (10.5 KB)

This looks like a big departure from the work we did last Wednesday?

I don’t think you can get 17 twists with only 12 frames around the circle. This is 17 twists using @magicteddy’s code from that post, with a few tweaks to modify the range of sliders It has 50 “frames” or section lines as opposed to your 12.

Your code doesn’t resemble that at all.

Hey, thanks for your reply. The work from last week was very helpful, but I wanted to understand everything in different ways and go further with experiments.

And based on the script posted here, it just doesn’t make sense to me why it simply can’t be thickened in an usual way. How did you do that?

As I said, I used @magicteddy’s code from last Wednesday. Pottery Barn Rule: you break it, you own it.