How to tell rhino OpenGL to use my GTX rather than Intel graphic card

My rhino is not using my GTX, and it becomes very slow. Enscape is disabled because of this. Can anyone tell me how to change the OpenGL setting to select the right graphic card, please? I attached the images of my GTX setting and my Rhino openGL setting.

is that a Laptop?
If so you can check your battery saving settings.

If not - you can disable the integrated video card and use the NVidia for everything. That’s what I did.


Or just add a profile for Rhino in the nvidia driver and choose what gpu to use for Rhino :slight_smile:

What profile? I feel there something I don’t know.

Oh, my bad. I just realized that Beixizhu allready had a profile for Rhino in his nVidia drivers «manage 3D Settings» area.


It worked! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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