How to tell if Detail view active when unable to see background?

layout view, detail view background goes from grey to white when double clicked and activated, however if I have zoomed in (as you dare not zoom as it changes scale after activation) ready to carry out some move or whatever, I cant tell if its safe to zoom back out as my coloured objects are filling my view and to do so then find it was still active wrecks the scale and location, undo doesnt undo that !
What can I look at to see if its still active ?


A detail view on a layout is basically a window into model space. Double clicking the detail to ‘activate’ it puts you in model space, double clicking again brings you back to layout space.

When a detail view is ‘active’ i.e. you are in model space, the background color is the one which is used for the display mode you have set for that view (wireframe, shaded, rendered, etc.).

When in layout space, the page color is the one you have set in Options>Appearance>Colors>Layout and the area inside the detail border should have the same color as the rest of the layout page.

Just make sure that your display mode background color in model space has a different color than that of the layout setting. That way you will always know that a detail is ‘active’ - i.e. you are essentially in model space.

white is background in model space, grey in layout, but when I am zoomed into a detail view, where the objects are filling my vision and no white or grey is showing, then I activate it and I am into model space, I cant see the white, or grey of layout, did my double click in fact work, did I forget to do so, I am now stuck as if I zoom out to see the white and the white is showing, hells bells I have now messed up the scale and placement of items, grid doesnt align etc, I need to zoom out to see if its white or grey to know if its safe to zoom out !!!..and get back to the layout to alter another detail view.

…and then if it wasn’t safe to do so the damage is done, I have to reset the scale and try and move the details back to where they were, align with layout view dims etc, so i need to know what to look for when my vision is filled with objects and I cant see the white or grey.

What can one look for to see if at that point in time the detail view is active when one cannot see the background colour ?


Hi Steve -
Just open the Properties panel. That will tell you what is active.

No… if you LOCK the detail, you cannot Zoom, Pan or anything else to change the relationship of model to detail - so there is no risk of ‘messing up’. IIRC, this has often been recommended in the past in other posts on this subject.