Layout feature request for V6

Dear @mary and all,

This is a small one, but one of the annoying and time consuming things that happens in layout mode, is to accidentally activate a detail and then “zoom in” to it, thereby throwing off its scale. If you have dimensions on the layout side, you then have to carefully align the model with those dimensions. I wonder if its possible to have a visual"signal" when a detail is locked or unlocked. For example, the rectangle defining the detail could be red (when locked) or it could have a tab in one corner with a padlock symbol on it – or both. That way – you are visually warned when you have left a detail unlocked.

The other nice thing would be to be able to lock and unlock a detail with an alias, rather than having to go in to properties and find the little box and check or uncheck it.

Thank you.


In addition, it would be really nice if underView worked in these situations. It will back the view up a bit, but never to the point right before you messed it up.

I would actually suggest more visual attention be drawn to the detail when it is unlocked.

You can make an alias for “_Detail _lock” and “_Detail _unlock”

Maybe the line defining the detail could be dashed and have a padlock tab attached to it that you click to lock and unlock?

Thank you for that Sam, I didn’t notice it at first.