Render view in layouts vs in modeling mode

Running Rhino for Mac 7. Render view when modeling is fine and noticeably improved the last month or two; something changed to greatly improve the rendered view, which is appreciated. However, when I go into layouts, and set the detail views to render, that view is all washed out.

Is there a way to get layout detail views to render as well as the model mode view?

Hi Matt - does it make a difference if the detail is active or not?


Yes. When active, it is just like in modeling mode.

However, I want to print the drawing with rendered views, and they are washed out in that case.

Hi Matt - this is what I see

Active detail-

Inactive detail -

print -

Does that correspond to what you see?
( I do get different colors here in the same locations on all three images - I’ll see if I can find out what is happening.)


Ok. Much more pronounced on my drawing.

Maybe you can try a 4 view drawing… front, side, top and perspective. There seems to be light bloom reflected back from the faces of the orthogonal views when looking normal to a large surface. Maybe.

I’m not an optical engineer, so hard to figure out how to control/eliminate it. Whatever is going on, it is unusable. Active and Inactive detail views…



I just looked at a perspective detail view, and it is all washed out when inactive, just like the orthogonal views. So, orientation and optics do not seem to matter.

There are surface materials applied to the objects in the model, if that matters.


Matt, can you send this file, or enough of it to show the problem, to, with a link back here in your comments? Your example seems more extreme than what I am making here.


The object in this model exhibits the problem…

Shell.3dm (3.41 MB)

Yep, thanks, I see this here as well - looks like Wim already did the research - it is on the pile.