How to subdivide a domain unequally in GH?

Hi, a domain from 0 to 100 should be subdivided into 3 different subdomains. Does anybody know how to subdivide unequally (let’s say percentage)? I need a subdivision by 20, 50, 30 %. I want to change the weight individually.

Thanks a lot for your help

domain of what (curve, surface)? Is this a Grasshopper question?

Sorry, yes it is a gh-question. I have a domain of numbers (distances). Number Domain from 0-100 with 3 unequally divisions. How can I set up the “weight” of the three different divisions in gh?

I have a domain of numbers (distances).

Just to be clear, do you mean distances or parameters. Domain = parameters, Length = distances. They are not the same. See this comment to make sure you are talking about the right thing: Request: Chamfer Component, Please

In my case, there is a simple measurement for attractors. One point measures distances to all other context points. The highest distance (farthest point from attractor) should be my domain end point.
I reach a domain from 0-100 (simplified). this domain should be subdivided into unequal parts, because I want to have control about different point groups (branches), depending on their distance to my attractor point

Can you post your file? I believe I get what you are asking but would be better to not have to recreate your data from scratch.

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Here it is. The red part is the important part. (477.6 KB)

You can do something like this: (22.1 KB)

Can you explain what interpolate data does in this case?

It is blending between the start and end of the extremes from the attractor distances. The interpolation values determine how much to blend.

I tried to work with your definition for vertical stripes. Unfortunately, I am not able to make your definition working for my case.
I want to get your groups for columns with individual attractor points for each column. (494.7 KB)

That’s a different problem so of course it won’t work. Start a new discussion and explain your problem clearly.

I think it is the same problem just for columns with individual attractors. What I want to do is mostly the same as you did in your former definition, I stacked at the “Group Domains By Distance Part”. When you think that is something completely different, I will start a new discussion

Make the columns each in a list, use one attractior for each column.

I already tried that

That is not the correct way, take a look at the data structures and see how they are working, list matching. I don’t have gh at the moment.