Attractionpoints with multiple Domains

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Is it possible to create multiple (3) domains while using attractionpoints?

I could only come up with the ‘smaller than’ and ‘larger than’ commands, but the points ‘in between’ should have another diameter as well. I already tried to sub list the list, but it didn’t work out the way I wanted.

If anybody have any ideas on how to solve this problem, I’d really appreciate it!


Attractionpoints with multiple (8.2 KB)

Is this what you want?

exactly where I was looking for, thanks! But is it also possible to add numberslides to the domains, for not having three exactly the same domains?

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Like this?

Edit: I think I understand better what you’re asking for…you want to be able to vary the domains, i.e. the spacing at which the circles jump in size.

Attractionpoints with multiple (15.4 KB)

Hi TheCyclist,

I actually mean to vary the domains (not the circles). Right now you divide the whole list by three. But I was wondering if you could also divide the list in for example: smaller than A, between A and B, larger than B.

Thanks for helping me out!


The domains control the size of the circles. So if you vary the domains you vary the circles.

The def TheCyclist provided has 3 sliders to control the 3 domains.

Suppose A = 10 and B = 20

For example you can set:
Slider 01 = 7
Slider 02 = 15
Slider 03 = 23

You will have to make an effort to be more clear on what are your goals. Most of the times, from my experience, it is not a matter of communication, but rather, that the users themselves do not know 100% what that they want or what is that they are trying to do. So think harder, what exactly do you need?

In this definition, first, the points are partitioned in:

  • That is, 3 groups, fixed (you can’t have more with this logic).
  • You can control how much is A and how much is B.
  • Then 2 options:
  1. You can either assign one radius to each group, meaning 3 radii. (1, 2, 3)
    Smaller than A = 1 unit of radius.
    Between A and B = 2 units of radius.
    Larger than B = 3 units of radius.

  2. Or you can define domains for each group. So that you don’t only have 3 radii.
    Smaller than A = will go from 0.969 to 1.186
    Between A and B = will go from 1.186 to 1.81
    Larger than B = will go from 1.81 to 3.436

Attractionpoints with multiple (11.6 KB)

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Hi ShynnSup,

This is exactly where I was looking for. Thanks a lot and next time I’ll try to be more clear on what my goals are.