Problem with Tree Management Grasshopper


I have some different column (vertical) sorted points with one attractor point per column. I tried to get control about the affection, but my returning result of the definition is still not correct, as you can see in the viewport. Hopefully, someone can help me.

Thanks a lot for your help and time! (43.8 KB)

Stop duplicating the same question. Someone will help when / if they can.

I thought it is not clear enough, so I tried to modify my description. Sorry for dublicating the question. I will wait

You can modify and existing question with the pencil icon.

I will keep that in mind, sorry! Can you help me with the definition?

Can someone help me please?

I closed the other topic with the same question.

I’m not really sure what the question is though.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to be seeing in the viewport, I don’t know what ‘affection’ refers to. Can you narrow it down to a smaller set of components, or perhaps add a drawing of what it is you’re after?

Sorry for the duplicated topics, but thanks for closing.

I will explain my problem a bit more clearly:

In the viewport, you see a simple grid of points. All points are sorted by same X-Coordinate, so I receive branches of points groups with same coordinates (columns).
For each columns, I have one attractor point from another point list. I found the distance from each attractor point to all other points in the corresponding point column.

The received distances from one attractor to all points of one column should be subdivided into domains, that are connected by itself (0-1;1-2;2-3, etc.). What I want to receive is that I can subdivide the distance domains unequally. This is already implemented in the definition I uploaded (red group).

My final result should be point groups of points that have different distances to the attractor but are at the same time in a sequence connected.

What I want to receive is very similar to this one here, but for each column:

Hey , is this what you’re trying to achieve?

The ‘groups’ are looking good. But I need straight columns. Right now every single groupe looks a bit shifted to the left. (29.8 KB)

There you go sir, I’ve simplified the script because I had troubles understanding yours
Hope that works for you



Hi Marteen,

thanks a lot for your help. It is a very good idea to subdivide the individual list lengths.
One more question. I tried to extract all four point groups (as shown by colors) seperatly, but it seems not that easy to me. Do you have any idea for that?


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Hey, sorry i am away from my computer, but what u can do is, with tree statistics get the tree paths of the lists of points, and get every n-th (n being the number of groups) branch. This will give u all the points in the same group.
So if u have 4 groups the branches of points, at indices
0,4,8 will be the same group.

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Hi Marteen,

I already tried your way yesterday of selecting every n-th branch. It is definitely one way to do that, but when I change the number of groups, it will become always necessary to change the extracting part. Do you know any solution, that is more “parametric”? So I search for an automatic point group filtering that depends on my number on groups?

For better structure, please have a look here: