How to solve naked edge issue?

Hi guys,
I have some naked edges in my model. Can anyone please teach me how to get rid of them?
Also, I have problem in filleting and smoothing those areas I’ve marked by red arrow in the image below. Please help me.

<a class=“attachment”
test.3dm (2.1 MB)

The best way to avoid problems with filleting is to start with carefully constructed clean surfaces.
testx.3dm (715.8 KB)

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Yeeeeh, It’s a magic. How could you revise it completely? Please teach me. Thank you very much.

The method I used is similar to what Pascal suggested a few days ago.

In the enclosed file I color coded the surfaces. The red surfaces are made as revolved surfaces. The cyan surfaces are extruded surfaces. Those are the surfaces that define the shape. The rest of the surfaces are connecting surfaces mostly made with the filletSrf command. The green surfaces were made with sweep2. That could have been made as a fillet also but it looks like the surface should get to be close to flat in that area and so sweep2 is better connecting surface in that area. The blue surface is a helper surface for making the 2 cm white fillets The blue surfaces are not used in the final result.
testx2.3dm (289.5 KB)