Fillet Edge

I was wondering how to fillet the edges…
Is this problem solvable?

Untitled 2.3dm (558.4 KB)

I’ve opened your file and maybe I’m thick, but after looking at this, I have no idea what you’re after.

Can you please clean it up a bit and describe/sketch/something/anything that clearly shows what you’re trying to achieve?


You won’t be able to do this easily - the surfaces are much too messy for a standard fillet to work - is the shape of the surfaces actually what you need? FilletSrf will make some of these but you’ll run into problems in many areas, I predict.


Thank you so much for the advices and sorry about the lack of explanation…
Actually, this is my first attempt on Rhino and trying to make a rough 3d model for a roof.
Definitely, I need to clean it up a bit or perhaps better to start from scratch again. I’ll sort out the rest of problems.


One key thing to keep in mind, is you want your input curves to have as few control points as you can that still accurately describe the shape.

Start with the tutorials here:

The User’s Guide is particularly useful as each tutorial generally builds on the last st of skills.

I really appreciate your kindness. Definitely I’ll watch them later. Thank you so much!!