Help! Problem with naked edges

Hi! could someone help me with this… I’m trying to make a filet (.1 or .2) in this angle but when I do it, I always get naked edges, why? I hope someone could take 5 minutes ti help me. Regards!Angle.3dm (229.2 KB)

Unfortunately this is a great example, from what I see, of what Rhino’s edge fillter does not like. It would be happier if the existing fillets at the corners were either more extremely not tangent, or actually tangent:

Fixing it is tedious- you make a surface fillet between the curved surfaces, Untrim it then trim it again with the edges that are naked at the fillet ends.


Thank you very much for your help!! you’re so kind! I understood very well whatI need to do… burt what happen when you have 80, 100, 100 naked edges?! is there a kind of plug-in to correct automatically?? Thank yo again and regards!

Hi Edgar- this is really a sort of perfect storm of difficulty in a simple case - if you can make the edges tangent as in my example file, it will help a lot- but I’ll check with the developer- making this object is just much too hard.

Angle_pg.3dm (215.7 KB)