How to soften this surfaces

Hi! is there any command for soften this surfaces by increasing the number of control points in both directions? If isn`t. How can I soften them without disturb a lot the position of the control points?
And Which would be the best way to join this surfaces?
Thank you so much!!

Did you model it that way? It looks like you’ve sortof used the mentality of how a mesh model works. Or its like converted from a mesh or something strange like that. To “soften” or smooth it out, you want fewer points, not more. I might use 6 or 7 points longitudinally on a hull. I think you’re pretty much screwed… going to have to start over.

Would only take me a couple minutes to get you started with a proper single surface if you want to send me that model… You can take the time to adjust it to match as closely as possible.

Looks like it came from Freeship but saved as a mesh.

Ive done that from the plans of the boat, Ive not use any model.
These are the plans: