Smoothing surface connection points

How to smoothen this? Is is created using X-nurbs tangent. Still something wrong.
I just like to mouse paint over it and then it would smoothen it… Is it possible? Like spot healing in photoshop or…

Thanks already :slight_smile:


if you have proper surfaces (correct typology, CV-Setteing etc…) /
and edge / boundary conditions … there is
(but it will not help in the setting your screenshot shows)

post the .3dm file
give more info on the overall shape you re trying to model to get more help.

my guess from the screenshot is, that the red sections looks like i sketched in the lower right.

my guess: you modelled the surfaces in wrong order … and maybe some other aspects - hard to see from a screenshot.

kind regards -tom

Hi Tom!
And thanks for trying to help me.

Please check attachment file. On the other side is also something I’d like to smoothen…
This is from 3d scanned point cloud /mesh and trying to model and simplify it. It is very organic…

I used quadremesh and to sub and to nurbs… Or something like that, tried several options…
When simplifying surfaces, I’d like to have interpolate curve on MULTIPLE surfaces. Because sometimes I want to simplify many surfaces to one surface by drawing (rebuild) edge curves and then…


smoothing.3dm (331.2 KB)

I can send whole model only to you because it is very confidential.
How to do it?

I know it is different because of mesh / NURBS.

But hoping something like this in the future

From 4:00 →

check out some approaches in reverse engineering:

My guess: you should rethink your workflow.
Think about the final surface layout / setup first !
If you use Quadremesh you can - with some limitations - influence the typology with curves.
You can also use some initial subD and try to pull it to the mesh …
some workflows:

…or you go the “traditional remodelling” approach, where the pointcloud / mesh will only guide you to draw curves.

If you have this tasks more often - there is specialised CAD-software for it.