Blend Surface

I am trying to blend the 2 edges and make one nice, smooth surface. Somehow, the blend surface does not like it. What are the methods?
Also, I want to smooth the surface of the boat canopy.
Basically, the red surface joins the green surface with a smooth redius. I left a gap
Blend surfaces.3dm (365.4 KB)

Do you know you have G0 on this edges?

maybe also check this topic

Hi Emmanuel - will a fillet do?



Hi yes filet will work. How do I make nice smooth surface can you save the file with filet and send me

I suggest to use far simpler surfaces, in order to be able to adjust their control points with ease.
Attached here is a modified version of your model where I fixed some of your surfaces, however, they are still not as good as they could. The reason is that I tried to keep them relatively similar to their original shape, hence the dense control points.
For the smooth transition between the primary surfaces I used a little trick with “Loft”, followed by “Match surface” with the powerful “OnSurface” option to reduce the number of control points compared to the usual method with “Blend surface” that produces overly-dense output surfaces on split edges. Rather than splitting the primary surfaces first, I created the secondary surfaces and used their edges to split the former.

I suggest to build boats, cars and other vehicles along the Y-axis. There is also a nice macro that may help you create mirror copies along the Y-axis that way:
_mirror _pause _3Point w0 wr0,1,0 wr0,0,1

The 4K video tutorial will be processed by YouTube in a few of hours.

Blend surfaces Bobi.3dm (488.3 KB)

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Thank for your video. I would like to know is there a pluging in Rhino to make surfaces thicker to 3d Print

there is a command called offsetmesh that you can add thickness to a mesh for 3d printing. Make sure to use the solid option.