From Brep to Mesh and smooth

Hello everyone,

I got a Brep out of trimmed patch and loft. Now I wanted to make a mesh out of it and smooth it.

I started with a part of @laurent_delrieu 's script from my last thread, to get a “low poly” mesh at the bottom.

Moved it to the top Surface and created the whole “low poly” mesh.

But when I want to smooth it, the “wall” and “roof” doesn’t smooth together.

What’s going on there?
I never worked really with meshes and hope somebody can help me. But I’m pretty sure somebody can, so I hope somebody want’s to help me :smiley:

With best regards,

brep to mesh and (85.5 KB)

Your mesh from “Mesh Join” is “Invalid Mesh”. “Wb Unify Face Windings” should fix your joined mesh’s face direction problem.

brep to mesh and (97.1 KB)


Mysterious. As you can see on the screenshot above, I don’t get an invalid mesh in my grasshopper. But I don’t care :smiley:
Your solution is working very well. Thank you very much !

Hi @KS_Kim,
Since you are doing so much and so impressive GH examples on this forum, you really should use the Bifocals component which would display the GrassHopper component names on top (even if using only the icon display mode).

Displaying the component names alongside the icons would double the value of your posts. At least.

All the best,
// Rolf

Also possible to use Weavebird Laplacian smoothing, it is quite the same.