How to simulate the 3d deformation of a 2d drawing for Parametric Kerf?

Hi all,

At the moment I have a 2d pattern which allow me to deform this plywood diamond panel as show in these photos.

1pc.3dm (65.5 KB)

I found this reference but the method applied was obtaining the 3d geometry first then flatten it.

So I wonder if anyone could give me some suggestions on this and it would be grateful.

Thank you!


I started trying something then I drifted randomly around…
I think better/proper software can/should be used for this.
But… can we be lazy and try with Kangaroo… ?

I think you can do a flat mesh with actual “holes” (not just cuts) so the vertex of the 2 different side of the cut are not merged together.
There are just 2 tricky steps:

  • remesh your shape to have uniform triangulation (useful and needed for uniform deformation)
    (sadly kangaroo2 remesh components often fail/crash for one reason or another, fix it manually for your shapes)
  • find all the folding sets of points (there was an “origami” component? Can’t find it…); i made a c# addition
    …then apply forces as usually.

(gif is 15x, mesh offset/thickness just for aesthetic reasons) (30.0 KB)

maybe it helps…

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Thanks a lot!

I will check it out!