Grasshopper advanced flattening


I’m wondering if there is any better way of transferring 2d patterns to a 3d shape than map-to-surface. I usually map the curves and pull them to the surface in order to use them as cutters.

In Rhino we have squish and squishback, methods I still find to be the best. But it would be nice to have a parametric equivalent.

Certainly there are python scripts, but have I missed a simple method?

Any tips or suggestions are welcome.

Best regards

Hello, no there is no function similar to _squish. There are different methods to map a pattern on 3d space, but as always, a good solution is up to the pattern and the shape and It’s almost never a 10 components-solution. Every pattern requires a slightly different mapping approach. Some work fine with map to surface, some require change basis tform, many are build from scratch on the geometry, some are projected. Some are mapped onto a simplified shaped and then projected onto the target and others are deformed. As you see there are dozens of strategies and without a concrete case, its impossible to give a satisfying answer.

Dear TomTom,

thanks for your reply, I agree with what you say.

To be more concrete, I just posted a particular problem: Mapping problem - Ref-Surface and Target-surface probably different but how?

Maybe you have a solution to it?

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