Any idea how to achieve this origami?

Hi GH community.
I need to get an algorithmic & parametric solution to create this form in the picture. :point_down:
I did a rough sketch of the base surface in 3ds Max but I need a mathematical approach to do that


that is a specific kind of origami called curved folding, i suggest you to play a little with paper, trace curved non parallel lines and folding them to see the results, after that you can research a little in the forum with the tag “Curved Folding”

i really recommend you to try this book’s

here you can download some patterns to play for free, you can import the dxf to rhino and do simulations with kangaroo

here you have some simulation software also

and some theory…

That’s some useful information.

you could start with any curve


copy and rotate for ridges

more copy and rotate


convert to polylines


make a mesh and select the polylines for mountain and valleys


a little help to kangaroo to prevent boundary curves to break

and simulate with the script provided by Daniel in this post

simulate starting from 0 rad fold and going up to 0.8pi could give you this

here the gh, i hope this helps… (33.3 KB)

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Close enough, I think. The challenge is to avoid the offset of curves to fold on itself.

Here is second attempt. (21.8 KB)

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