Grasshopper sheet material transformation?

possible to model the transformation of a flat shape to a 3D form based on material characteristics?

a drawing that attempts to describe the general process that i’m in search of—a sort of reverse unfolding . . . flat-to-3D by pulling an edge of a flat shape into a new position in 3D space, resulting in a 3D model of the transformation:

Are you familiar with kangaroo? This is kind of an origami problem and there are many example floating about. If you know which parts should finally connect, id say an example like yours will work.

(I added your image inline for others)

How flexible the material is will depend on how it’s meshed, and the strength given to any bending goals, or edge length goals.
I’d be surprised if @DanielPiker doesn’t have an example for a similar problem already.

If you Can upload example geometry you are much more likely to get direct help.

dharman Thank You
I’ve dropbox-ed a .pdf and a .dwg with additional examples if @DanielPiker or anyone else has thoughts on how to.

sheetpull0 (17.7 KB)

Here’s a definition that generates a triangular mesh of the surface, including a little script to make sure certain internal anchor points are included in that mesh, then uses Kangaroo to pull these anchors together.
You might find in some cases you need other goals to make sure things buckle in the direction you want.


@danielpinker most helpful you are. This definitely rouses my interest in Grasshopper!
Where best to begin?! Thanks again.

Might you post or message the Rhino file related to above. Instructive for me study.

Hi - the file is there in my post above. All the geometry is internalised, so you only need the gh file, not a Rhino file.

OK Thanks
Shows what I know.
Need to go find a tutor!