How-To Set Mac Toolbars to mirror Windows?

I’m new to Rhino all together and have a mac. Just downloaded the WIP and am trying to figure out the basics of Rhino. I’ve been using tutorial videos online, but most of them are of a Windows version. It’s the same commands but they’re in different locations with different toolbars and whatnot.

What’s the best way around this? My best guesses are to find Mac tutorials or move my toolbars around to mirror the windows set up.


In this thread are my recommendations for a starting point to most closely emulate Windows… you can’t entirely, so you will need to get used to a number of Mac-specific workspace characteristics…

HTH, --Mitch

In that thread, you recommended changing things in “Themes”, I can’t find the “Themes” section anywhere. What tab is it under?

Just found it. Rhinoceros>Preferences>Themes.

‘⌘,’ in Mac speak…

BTW, I’m planning on making video tutorials using Rhino OSX starting pretty soon. Out of curiosity, what tutorials did you first gravitate towards? User Interface overview or actual modeling and rendering of something?

fwiw, something you may want to show in a tutorial is an OSX feature that lets you use the help menu to search all the other menus. (you can subsequently launch commands from the help menu but I find it generally more helpful to just use it to learn a given app’s menu structure)

I’m not sure if others will find it helpful but I personally use it quite a bit when learning a new program.

Hi Brian, I think modelling , moving objects and my wife suggests keyboard commands and tips. She is just starting to learn Rhino and has a hard time following the Windows tutorials out there.

I was trying to get more info from her, but she did say things like using spacebar to repeat a command as opposed to right clicking, though I use the right-click context a lot for last commands. I hope this helps.

also 3d concepts like c-plane vs world plane, XYZ axis how that relates to entering coordinates and in what order. Also for me how to move an object in 3d space. That is the first thing when I try a new 3d program. How do I move the object and or camera viewport etc…


Thanks Jeff, that’s a good suggestion.

Thanks Randy, those are good ideas. Please post any new topics on the forum here if you or your wife have other thoughts on training videos for Rhino OSX.

I’m really into the track pad modeling myself once three finger drag is enabled in the OSX settings.