How to rotate surfaces to 2D plan

Hey Guys, im currently doing a rhino project in grasshopper and i need to rotate some surfaces to get them ready for lasercutting.

the geometry is a pavilion made out of squares. I have tried some different stuff but none of them seem to work perfektly. Both tries have something that doesnt work.

this is what i tried up untill now:

  1. attempt:

  1. attempt:

so… in the first attempt i get my 25 squares organized and numbered… but they just dont lay down in 2D plan. idk how to rotate them so they will do so.

and the second attempt i am just getting tons of squares of each square i should have.

i hope someone can help me out there.

THX a lot!

Projekt 2 - Advanced (132.1 KB)

flatten removed as shown in the screen shot

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wauw nice! thank you so much!