Low Table PatDef

Here some pictures of my last project.

There will be 9 suction cups to maintian the 800 mm glass

The table is done with 235 (62 + 65 + 4*2) laser cutted 1 mm thick aluminium pieces. 65 pieces where painted in black. Non painted piece were engraved. The were cutted by “Le metalist” https://www.lemetalist.fr.
Junction pieces were doubled to augment the rigidity. All pieces are hold together by 1981 (1945 + 36) 3.2 mm aluminium aluminium rivets bought here https://www.le-rivet.fr.

The main script is there and it uses classic Grasshopper components and some C# components using my own DLL.

A rough shape is done,

then it is relaxed and remeshed,

then clustered

Then stripped in flattenable pieces (no inner vertices)

Then rivets are placed at optimized places

The mesh is pushed if plates are too far or too near from each others

Connector are then placed

Pieces are then baked in 3d and 2D using Elefront to keep naming …

A 2nd script is used to export all files to DXF (135 files)

A 3rd script is used to export all single pieces in a pdf in order to be able to recognize each piece.

Rhinoceros is used for the assembly (naming and position of pieces) and then changing the pieces layer in order to track the fabrication.


wow, Laurent, that’s quite an impressive achievement! Must have been great fun to assemble :sunglasses:

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Yes iIt was difficult at the beginning but my wife helped me well. At the middle of the frabrication it was more easy. Not all rivets are necessary, so putting them all was done at the end.
it could surely more easy with thinner aluminium or Inox.

Now I have to sell it :smiley:

It’s an absolute beauty, Laurent. You should ask more for it though! :slight_smile:

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Beautiful work and so well documented process… Thank you for sharing! Congratulations.

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Good job Laurent

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Remarkable! Well done, Laurent. Grasshopper is truly a great medium for this type of complex geometry. Have yet to find a need or use for Grasshopper in yacht design though I could see it coming in handy for some interior detail. How long did this project take to assemble? All the best, Rob

Thanks Robb,
To assemble the pieces it tooks around 2 days. The whole project was much longer I began with that

then this one

Amazing work!!!

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Wonderful work @laurent_delrieu! I am glad you fabricated it!

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incredible ! really impressive !

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Congratulations, looks really great! I suppose it was not an easy task to bend all these pieces…Very Nice!

Thanks, bending is not so difficult. I pre bend by hand using the 3d model. Then I began to put rivets. The most difficult is joining closely enough the 2 pieces during riveting.

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Very impressive work, Laurent! How much time did the assembly take? The result is absolutely beautiful. So nice to see a concept developed in Rhino materialise and become tangible. This shows craftmanship in design and assembly.

Thanks for the comment. It takes 2 days for the assembly with manual rivet gun.


How extraordinary!
(Really, I have been looking for a similar solution, from long ago, … a long time … trying to achieve something like this, from Gh + the Ivy Plugin … but although one can see there certain algorithms ,. … I could not assemble everything as I wanted, nor could I find who cut me in the pieces).
Sorry, but I will be studying your solution, … sincerely I have looked for something similar.
Very nice.
— I have seen something similar. also in the works of Marc Fornes! .Wow.
… …image

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It is not simple for sure but if there is a secret, it is a C# library (DLL) to make it works. So you’ll have to make classes, methods … to deal with clustering, mazes, flattening with holes, … I think it is quite mandatory because some optimization is needed, some pieces couldn’t be flattened so it needs iterations …
Here some of the class I use. I have done my own mesh Unroller, my own class to suppress inner point of a mesh in order to flatten it. It takes time, plugins could be useful but they are just a part of the answer.

there are some others explanations here


To make the pieces I count on Le Metalist

As it is very difficult to have quoting for an individual, there are now some factories that are doing online quoting.

I still try to sell my table in order to build something else without filling my house.

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Thanks your words.
Again some questions :
1)How much cost it, to build it,…materials…transport-post=total?
2) What is the price you are asking for? Selling the piece.
Send to europe…too !..
3)kg?. How many kilos he have?..

Of course, one time that you have discover these methods,
You can always go further … (difficult for me to even reach that definition in gh, I’m trying to learn how to do it).
I am always keeping studying, but always find i comlpex steps
To arrive at the end-process.
Its really nice, but i think expensive of course.

That’s impresive @laurent_delrieu ! Well… I think you master the software ^^ !

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That’s a lot faster than I expected, not gonna lie!
Great stuff :star_struck:

How did you manage the numbering/orientation?