Creating surfaces from multiple divided curves

Hi all, I’m a Grasshopper novice and am having trouble thinking of the commands needed to make the object I want. I’m dividing an array of edges in a geometry into specific steps. For the time being I have baked the points in Rhino and made surfaces between them all to show proof of concept (I do NOT want to do this moving forward with
the project :weary: ) The image helps show what I am looking to do.

Ideally, I would create a surface from two points on the inside edge of one geometry to two points from the inside edge of the other, while maintaining the slider of curve divisions.

I know the information is in there, I’m just not sure how to extract the right data trees and pick out the right information! Any help would be appreciated. Rhino and GH files attached.

Thanks in advance!

tilt slice 5ft (13.0 KB)
tilt slice 5ft basic.3dm (4.7 MB)