Grasshopper, Connect points on Y axis on a sdivide surface

am looking to divide a curved surface i lofted form lines into points and connect those points “you see them marked in a sequence numbering starting from 0 and in the same color”.

For the final model I would like to use those created lines to extrude them and give them thickness with a rectangular boundary from the top as you can see from my rough manually modeled shape using trip and spilt commands in rhino3d, image below


At the moment I am stuck on creating the dividing the surface and couldn’t figure out how to connect them,

Here is my file any suggestion on the method also on how to achieve the final form using grasshopper it would be great.

gh Base Script (9.4 KB)
gh Base Script.3dm (190.5 KB)

Thank you.


Your points are already correctly sorted in tree branches, so you can Interpolate them.
Then for the volume there are several solutions, here is an idea.
I think I’d rather use Brep | Plane for this - define your inner and outer surfaces, and intersect them with equally spaced planes.
Also the outer volume is computed from a bounding box, but if you want to give it fixed dimensions you could build it separately.

gh Base Script (24.4 KB)

I must be missing something?

Thank you so much for all the effort, you solved my issue completely. great, a technical question, in case the points are sorted incorrectly, what is a way to sort “organize” them, if possible.


I guess you can make fun of me for not knowing, but i didn’t know that we could simply use interpolate to bind all those points in order. thanks for the hint. :+1: