How to select recently unhidden objects?


Have a model with zillions of layers and 2 years of possibly important stuff in hidden layers.

I’d like to know if there’s a way to select items I’ve just unhidden so I can move them into a separate file.

Showing all layers and then unhide is pretty easy but I don’t know how to select all that stuff.


Are they on all on 1 layer? in a group? or block?

To select last objects you can try SelLast or SelPrev. but dont think that will get you there. These 2 commands select your last selected / edited objects.


Slight misinformation in initial post. The objects I want to select and remove are hidden in lots of various (visible) layers.


Type Show and then SelLast. Think that should work. Not behind a pc with rhino.


Nah it says last selection set is empty

(Chuck Welsh) #6

SelAll, Show, Invert?

(Pascal Golay) #7

Hi Ryan- here’s a quick script: (but use Chuck’s macro, way better)

Option Explicit

Sub ShowAndSelect()
	Dim ahidden: aHidden = Rhino.HiddenObjects()
	If Not isArray(aHidden) Then Exit Sub
	Rhino.Command "_Show"
End Sub

I’ll attach it as a ‘drag and drop’ script that will add ShowAndSelect as an alias.

-Pascal (407 Bytes)

(Pascal Golay) #8

Oh yeah.



Perfect. Many thanks all.