Unselectable objects on layer

I want to clean up my layers and therefore select a layer and press select objects. If i get no objects added to selection i presume there is nothing on this layer but when i press delete layer rhino says i have several visible and hidden objects on this layer.
How is this possible or am i missing something?

Kind regards, René

That “select objects” command doesn’t select hidden or locked objects.

That i can understand but when i do select object by layer it selects no objects so i think the layer is empty but when i hit the delete layerbutton it says there are 12 visible objects on that layer.
Does not make any sense to me.

Individual objects can be locked, they are visible but not selectable…

If there are sub layers with objects under a top level “parent” layer without objects, the top level layer will not show anything selected if you select “by layer“ and specify this top level layer. Also this top level layer will show up if you filter for empty layers. But if you try to delete it Rhino will warn you there are objects on the sub layers. If you look closely at the warning though it will list the sub layer by name, and ask if you want to delete the sub layer and the objects on it.

I suggest you try “purge” to clean up the empty layers as this way Rhino will recognize the objects on sub layers and you can avoid the nuisance of confirming you don’t want to delete any layer with objects.

Hi Abraham

i allready figured that one out. Using purge is what i was looking for. Now i get rid of the empty layers in a few clicks.
Still strange that it says there are visible objects on layers that i cannot select. The y might be locked,. I will test that.
Thanks for the tip!