Select objects without displaying them?

Hi, I am currently working with a large file with many layers of geometry, and sometimes I want to grab certain layers of objects and export them to a new file, but I first need to turn them on… Which takes loads of time for rhino to compute the display even in wireframe.

I wonder if there is a way to select objects in a layer while that layer is set to hidden…

Hello - using a macro with SetRedrawOff & SetRedrawOn may be the way to go - or a script.


! _SelNone _SetRedrawOff -_OneLayerOn _Pause _All _Export _Pause
-_Layer _Current Default _Off _Pause _Enter _SetRedrawOn

In this example it is up to you to name the correct layer by typing “In double quotes” and also have a layer called “Default” handy to make current.

Seems like a script would be easier…