How to save the raytraced view to file?

I know about ViewCaptureToFile, but that re-renders the viewport and I already did that.

The only other command that I found was SaveRenderWindowAs, but it gives me this error:


My workaround now is to just screencapture it, but what am I missing here?

Hi @eobet ,

ViewCaptureToFile will only reRaytrace the view if you have settings there that differ from what the viewport in Raytraced mode had already achieved. So for instance, if you have a different dimension set or a sample count greater than what the view got to. Check those settings. It should just save the file unless you’ve told it to do more work.

Thank you. That was not apparently in the UI at all, and since I had already waited a number of minutes for the viewport to finish rendering, I did not dare to go forward in the menu.

Is there an indication in the UI for when the ViewCaptureToFile will have to re-render or not that I might have missed?

Hi Robert -

There is no such indication, no.
The recommended workflow seems to be to use a lower amount of samples in the Raytraced viewport and use that only to set up the view before doing a final rendering:


Thanks. There seems to be room for some UI improvements here then to make things more intuitive.


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