What method to ensure V7 employs user settings in V5?

Hoping to create win10 pc this next week (though finding time is like chasing end of rainbow) and one of the first progs to install will be Rhino V7.
I need it to adopt the user settings I have over the years added to V5, my colours, display settings, viewport settings, grids, etc, also any custom made buttons that run macros I have made that are in the toolbar at top .

What about any drag/drop scripts done over the years ?

How do I get V7 to carry on and not dump me back to start all over again ?

I want V5 also on the C drive, so if I install V5 first, will V7 take from it these settings ?
Will V7 nuke V5 ?
I currently have V4 and V5 running. V4 original purchase and V5 an upgrade, as will be V7, so do I need to install V4 first ?



  • Different versions of Rhino can all be installed on the same computer and do not interfere or interact with each other.
  • Settings from an earlier version are never imported.
  • Since each version of Rhino makes changes to Commands and command options, it’s not reasonable to expect to be able to import settings from an earlier version. It’s far better to go through them as needed so you can explore the changes to take best advantage of them.
  • Your V7 upgrade will ask for the license key of your previous version. For you this will be V5. No, there is no reason to install V4.
  • Since V7 will be the most recently installed version, Windows File Association will associate 3DM files with Rhino 7.

These pages may be helpful:

Many thanks guys