How to rotate the quadstag geometry

Do you know how to rotate the quadstag geometry like that? I’m missing the way to do that.

Best, Keisuke

230417 facade (83.6 KB)
sorry for the inconvenience, let me share the simplified script.

if anyone knows how to do that. please teach me the way.

Best, Keisuke

230417 facade systems Edited (19.5 KB)

Need Parakeet, Wombat, and Pufferfish plugins.

Thankyou Quan Li

i want to do like this, if use some of Wombat, and Pufferfish components, can i do that?

The idea is to make a pattern on surface A, rotate it, project pattern from A to B.
So whatever pattern you make on A, it wiill appear on B.

Dear Quan
Thank you as always!
I have a question about the script you sent.

What is the purpose/effect of the Move 2PT in this condition?

Best, Keisuke

As you can see the planes are at the corner of the surfaces if I don’t move them.

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Dear QUan
Thank you for your explanation. I understood how it works out!

Best, Keisuke