Rotate mesh, or Geometry

I’m trying to rotate my surface without changing the property of the quadrant it is in. How can I perform this rotation? How oriented in the red band in the image?
Thanks. (15.9 KB)

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You need to internalize your geometry (RMB Internalize Data); nobody has access to your Path. Also, you’re using lot of plugins that are probably not relevant to this question and most people don’t have loaded, if its just a matter of rotation.

Thank you! I didn’t know about the need for this feature. I hope I did it correctly. (18.7 MB)

OK, now that I’ve successfully downloaded your 19MB file, this is what I’m seeing. It doesn’t look like the picture you posted above, although I can make out landmarks. Could you be little bit clearer about what you want done? According to my image, the pieces sit in three quadrants, so I’m confused, and what role does the “red band” play?. Maybe a diagram would help.

What I’m trying to accomplish is transforming a geometry into 3 different quadrants, and hitting the surface in an affine space. However, the surface direction is wrong. So I need to rotate the surface in its own quadrant to fit the geometry to match. He managed to internalize a surface, he hadn’t done it before. I don’t know if I managed to convince you of my idea… (18.7 MB)

This latest file looks exactly like the last and does nothing to improve my understanding. I’m sorry, but maybe someone else here has an idea of what you’re talking about. As I said before, a simple diagram, not 4000 breps would make a lot more sense.

I imagine it was barely understandable. But I managed to solve this problem on my own. For the geometry, I baked the brep and moved it to the space I wanted, fitting it to my surface. For the surface, I used rotation with the centroid being its own image. This was my result:

Thank you!