How to rotate specific faces but keep the mesh connected

Hi guys,

I am asking you for help with my school project. I am struggling with mesh modification. Let’s say I have mesh, and I would like to rotate specific faces but keep connected all faces together. Next step will be smoothing. I hope the picture describes everything well. Do you know how to figure out?

Thank you in advance.

Vase (18.1 KB)

Hi Daniel,

Try Rotate3D instead of regular rotation - just a quick help here, hopefully useful.
Vase (31.2 KB)

*it might be equally useful (if you deem it so) to separate via dispatch your 3-sided faces and 4-sided faces so you control their respective centers and axes of rotation more specifically.

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Hi Corellaman,

Thank you for your tips! It’s my foul I was unclear, I would like to achieve mesh surface without any holes, so definition should work like if you select the face (with gumball) of a mesh and turn it and connection with surrounder faces remain.

Does it make sense?

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Have a look at the attachment. Best.

Vase (21.7 KB)


I see a couple of new components, and it looks more demanding that I expect. Still, some moments of definition are a bit tricky for me but work as I expected. I have to thank you Kim it’s just great… Thanks for learning material!


got you now, definitely misread your post (sorry), good thing Kim caught it!