Mesh faces selection and manipulation

Hello, I have some questions about mesh faces manipulation in Grasshopper:

Here below in the image, there is a cylinder mesh that I modified adding some edges manually ( because by the way I don’t know how to parametrize it in GH)…

Anyway, now that I have this faces, I used the m+ label face in order to see the indexes and I made a list of indexes in the panel. I would like to use lists of indexes in order to have different group of faces and manipulate them differently. For exemple, applying a wb picture frame to a group of faces, do not apply it on others, or apply the picture frame with a different offset distance to a third group of faces.

Finally join everything back in one single mesh.

I tried using Deconstruct mesh and a list item on faces output: I see that I have the Quads in my List Item component, but I am not able to transform the data (which is Mesh Face) in a mesh that I can manipulate.

Maybe I miss some basics…

Thanks in advance for your help. (25.4 KB)