Face normals direction changing component in Grasshopper

Is there a easy way to flip all opposite direction vertext normal or face normal ?
Just the information is wiped out from my head, if I ever used it at all in last 10 years. Cannot remember.

I have a mesh with thousands of polygons, which has many faces with inverted normals.
Is there any easy way to flip all normals to same direction?
I am looking for grasshopper component.
Do not want to write a component for this. Just want to use a component. Is there any component does this in grasshopper ?
I just want to pass the mesh through the component and want the mesh with all normals nicely arranged , so there is no color changes in rendered mode.

Mesh unify normals

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Thank you so much Michael! I used MeshEdit few months ago and completely forgot.
Working on several languages in several software, so it is mandatory to wipe out things from head disk and recall when necessary. and it is so easy when a helpful forum like Rhino discourse exist.

Thanks again !