Rotate surface division

hello everyone!
im trying to rotate the orientation in which my surface is divided without the points going out of the surface.

  • so first i created a surface.
  • then i placed the component “divide surface” which created an array of an specified number of UV divisions.
  • then i rotated this array of points but i believe im missing something as they overflow the original surface.

maybe i should rotate the UCS ? so the divisions are made along that reference coordinate system?
im surely overcomplicating a simple task, i guess is quite oobvious i started using GH not so long ago :slight_smile:

suface (9.4 KB)

i learned that a clean .gh file will attract more people to help.
for example sometimes adding the solution to a .gh file will take less than 30 sec but with no .gh attached then viewer will pass that 30 sec…

just uploaded the file! thanks for the advice

Hey joseph,

so this is a plan view of a building, i took the theoretical triangle you see in the image and used the divide surface component to create the pointt where i would create a series of colums. my problem is that i would like to have more control (the angle specificaly) on the way the surface is divided not only the UV parameters.

suface (9.7 KB)

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I got that from your first post. The method in my reply can help you. Did you try it? (15.5 KB)