How to: Ripple effect texture with dissolving edges & selected side

Hi everyone, am quite new to GH and been figuring out the software for quite sometime. There’s something i wish to achieve but cant find enough references that enable me to stitch up.

First image shows the effect i wanted. Ripple effect with dissolving ends

Second image shows the addition elements i hope for:
A: it falls on a 3D surface within edges cropped from other 3D data
B: Ripple effect slowly fade off on one of the end
C: Distance of ripple can be distribute consistently on 3D surface and able to use graph map to adjust its distribution.


Hope anyone have the experience can help or refer me to any useful resources.
Thanks!! (15.3 KB)


3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Stop copy pasting this post @Joseph_Oster, it’s annoying. If you don’t want to help or all you’re after is getting credit don’t post at all, geez!


Thanks @IVELIN.PEYCHEV ! Its indeed the effect but hope that the ripples can fall on a random 3D surfacing.

I’ve added a third image on the start of thread, showing an array path that is consistently spread along a selected surface.

I figured that d best result i could achieve is to create path as of the array shown so able to control the path flow smoothly. Then using off sets and loft to create the ripples.

But i am stuck on the very first step. :dizzy_face:
Is how could i create array path on a 3 dimension surface, that is spread consistent distant on the profile of the surface.

Hope for guidance!

I don’t know about a random surface but if you want the vase shown in your picture above perhaps you can continue building on this: (18.4 KB)

I could not find a “blend surface” alternative in GH. Maybe it’s there I’m just not a regular user of GH.