How to restore a Customized 5view Viewport setup

There is one issue that irritates me in Rhino and various help subjects or G searches has not been helpful.

I need to set up a file with more than 4 viewports, they also have to be in other orientations than the standard views.

It is no problem renaming and adding VPs as well as setting the orientation I need.

Here is the question: How do I restore my customized 5View if I accedently go to a standard 4view setup? Can my 5/6View setup be saved in anyway allowing me to get them back if in standard viewport setups?

Never figuered this out. Thanks for any help


have you tried the command _ReadViewportsFromFile ? Note that this requires you to save a file or template with your viewport layout before. I’ve tested that here and it restored a viewport layout with 4 views, however it also restores all named views which could be problematic.


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It works like a charm thank you :slight_smile: