5 viewports

I have a tutorial that has been set up to have Five Viewports in Rhino 5.
I have worked through the first part successfully. I had to download a file that was setup for these views , however I can not work out how the setup was made. It was translated from German and although I followed the instructions carefully many times could not get 5 Views !
I would like to have Perspective, Plan , Front ,Rear and Side .
I expect there is a simple answer but I can find no explanation in the Rhino Help Files.

Hi Trevor- you can add viewports with

_NewViewport, _NewFloatingViewport

or by splitting existing viewports with



Hi Pascal
Thanks I can get a NewViewport but how do I get my fifth Picture frame into it. If, for example, I have a Front picture frame view and I make a new viewport I get duplicate the image for Front again. I want to make Rear Picture Frame.
How do I get five different views that I can then tab through ?
Every time I try to make a view it is a copy of an existing picture frame.
I do hope that I am not missing something here, because a will feel a bit silly !
I have just tried making the 5 viewsports first and then inserting the picture frames, this looks more promising.

Thanks for that tip. So, I split a viewport horizontally and, satisfied that it worked, deleted it. Then I had 4 viewports with a blank space between them. The blank space was an inky black void - was I seeing into the legendary Abyss?

Exactly- that is the only known way to see The Abyss. If that is too terrifying, you can close the window by dragging the remaining viewport’s border and snap it to the next border.


Yeah, definitely too terrifying, I think the Abyss was staring back at me. Had to close the window.

feature request for the abyss on mac… sounds intriguing… thnks!

Hi Pascal
I have got my viewports at last. I set my main ports to be Front , Back, Top and Side. I made a fifth port as Perspective.
I loaded my picture frames as 2D views and my New port worked as Perspective.
At first the new port was shown as a grey rectangle, when I clicked on it changed to the usual Rhino grid. I set the cplane to object to aline z axis. I went back to a 2D window and then Ctrl +Tab to go through the views at full screen.
After scaling the picture frames to match I have my Five Views.
Hope this is of help to others.