Customize viewport layout

I like to set up viewports in 3-view and 4-view a certain way. Is there a way to save my 3- and 4-view layout that I like so my models open or could be quickly set to it> I see the 4-view icon has a 4-view (left click) and 4-view default option (right click). How do I custom set my 4-view?

I have looked around for help but to no avail

You can set up a sort of template file with the viewports set as you like, then save it somewhere. Then use _ReadViewportsFromFile and browse to your file. You could also create a macro
! _-ReadViewportsFromFile “full path to file” and put it in your startup commands…

Thank you!

Ideally, I can set my own 4-view layout preferences. It always goes back to the default layouts.

Hi Clint - I think just use that macro that Mitch pointed out - make a alias with that on it - it should reset the views like 4View would.


Ok, I put it into my F12 key

I put in
!_-ReadViewPortsFromFile “C:\Users\Clint\My Drive\CAD goodies\Template_DimsLinetypes”

It says "Unable to open file <C:\Users\Clint\My Drive\CAD goodies\Template_DimsLinetypes>

Hi - that’s a classic case of “curly quotes”. Make sure that you use straight quotes only.
I’ll add that case to an open issue - RH-51712