How to release a specific workstation from the cloud zoo

Hi everyone,

A client of ours has an issue where he seems to be unable to release a specific workstation from the cloud zoo.

For example, lets say they have two licenses and three computers, #1 got a license, #2 got a license and then #3 asks for a license, then my client says the zoo says that it doesn’t have a license available and always only offers/allows to release #1 from being used so our client can’t manually choose to release #2 which is what he wants.

I told him they could close that Rhino instance on #2 and it will be released, but he was interested in a way that would not make him go to the workstation itself.

I don’t have a few licenses and team members, so I can’t replicate the situation.

Is there anything else they could do?

Thank you,




Remotely pulling a license back from a Cloud Zoo Team member is not possible.
If it were possible you would risk crashing the remote Rhino and losing work.

It is possible with a Personal Cloud Zoo license, as you are taking a license from yourself and can’t be in both locations at the same time.

If this remote user can’t be relied upon to close Rhino or hibernate their computer, then setup Remote Desktop (or equivalent), so you can logon and close the Rhino.
The only other option is to add another license to the team.


Got it, Thank you :slight_smile: