Cloud Zoo Licensing / Stupid question

Probably a dumb question, if it does not fit here, feel free to remove.
I am using the Cloud Zoo for my licence of Rhino 7 and right now the licence is being used on my mobile workstation.
I am planning to get 2 desktops workstations (one for home / one for the workshop) and all my CAD data is synced on a cloud service.
Do i need to deactivate my Rhino licence each time i want to use it on the other computer or : is the cloud zoo smart enough to take care of this and reallocate the licence on the fly ?

The Cloud Zoo will handle the license transfer correctly, no need to release a license manually beforehand. If Rhino is still open on another computer, you will get a message saying so, and asking if you want to transfer the license to the new machine. If you answer yes, the license is transferred. If you have unsaved work on the first machine, you get one chance to save it.

Thank you for your reply.