What to do when a Cloud Zoo team license is not releasing...?

I have a client who is managing a team via Cloud Zoo, they have their single V7 license in the admin’s account under a team name, they have invited all the members, all works so far - except:

When a user closes Rhino, the license does not get released. They have to go into Options>Licenses, hit Change your license key and then choose “Logout…” in order to release the license so someone else can use it. This is not normal, so I am wondering what the solutions are in this case.

This is a company, so they probably have some firewall/security protocols in effect for their users, I wonder if this might be causing the problem… They don’t seem to have any problems acquiring the license.

TIA, --Mitch

Hi Mitch - checking with the licensing gods now…


Thanks for reporting this, Mitch. I have a few questions and suggestions to help narrow this down.

Do you know if this is happening for all of their users, or just one?

If Windows, it’s worth checking that there aren’t any Rhino.exe processes (or anything related to Rhino) still running after closing it. If Mac, make sure that the application is being closed, not just all of the windows.

If they wait 15 minutes after closing Rhino, does it still show up as being in use on https://www.rhino3d.com/licenses?

Hi Will,

Thanks for the info, I will have the client check this stuff tomorrow.


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