How to recognize SubD surface in Grasshopper


I am trying to apply a kagome pattern to this SubD surface. I’m having trouble figuring out how to “set the surface” so that it’s recognized. It isn’t recognized as a nurb or a mesh. Do I explode it and brep it and unsplit it? The surface with the red rectangle is the SubD surface, then I converted it to a nurb polysurface. Could anyone take a stab at this for me? I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

PS: the starting GH definition is from Digital Substance. If there’s an alternate way to create the kagome weave (rectangular shapes) then I’m all ears.

There is a SubD component you can use to reference it in GH, however, I don’t think there is way to natively convert it to a nurbs surface if that’s what you’re needing.

I don’t see a SubD surface component, just some SubD action components. Do you know how to collect a series of nurb surfaces (polysurface) and have it recognized as one surface? The other surface in my screen shot that isn’t circled is a polysurface.

There’s the MergeFaces and MergeAllCoplanarFaces commands to merge coplanar faces. But in most cases it is not possible to turn a polysurface into a single surface just like that. Depending on the situation you can rebuild with a slight loss of detail.

The SubD component is here:

I missed the SubD component under the Params tab – thanks for pointing that out! I’ll mess around with merging faces. That’s not going to have anything to do with SubD but that’s fine with me if I can get it to work. I appreciate the feedback.

If you can’t solve your problem, post a file with the relevant geometry.

Thank you. Here are the Rhino and GH files. I haven’t made much of an attempt yet but maybe you can beat me to it.

22_0124 - (10.3 KB)
22_0124 - Live-PV-Canopy-08-GH.3dm (1.3 MB)