SubD to Surface Rhino and Grasshopper

Hi Guys,

Struggling with what is probably quite a simple issue. I created a subD surface in Rhino, then converted back to a nurbs surface - which rhino 7 WIP recognizes as a polysurface (and Rhino 6) but the grasshopper will not recognise it as a surface, or a mesh, only a Geometry.

This frustrating and I am going round in circles.

Would appreciate any help.



The simplest parameter that can handle Polysurfaces is Brep.
You can’t reference a polysurface as surface unless you somehow convert it to a surface.

Thank you so much.

Is it possible to turn a brep in a surface?

Not always, It depends on your Brep. There is no simple way that works for all kind of polysurfaces.
As an example unsplitExtrudeSurface from Pufferfish can helps convert extruded Brep to surface.

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