SubD vs Grasshopper Lunchbox and its Structure Section

Hi everyone! I’m trying to convert a SubD into a Surface, because I need to use Lunchbox ad its Structure Section on it. I tryed to use Mesh but it’s totally useless, same goes for Contour. Do you know any trick that can help me?
Thank you in advance

Hi Chiara,

Use the ToNURBS command on the SubD. If it is all quads in a grid layout with edge junctures of only four edges, you’ll get a single NURBS surface.

Unfortunately, a Nurb isn’t compatible with Lunchbox’s Structure command. Do you know other solutions?
Thank you for the help

Hi @Chiara_Mastroianni
Just use Mesh on the resulting NURBS geometry; first you go from Sub-D to NURBS, then from NURBS to mesh.
EDIT Or you can extract the Sub-D’s render mesh with ExtractRenderMesh and use that.


I don’t have experience using that GH add-on but as Jakob mentioned you can jump between different geometry types to get what you need first. I’ll add that you can also use the Mesh command on the SubD itself and use the slider at the bottom of the dialog to control the subdivision level of the mesh created. From you initial post I’m not totally clear on what you need though, a NURBS surface or a polygonal mesh, in either case you can get there from a SubD using the methods above.

Hi, I managed to convert SubD to simple Srf in this way: conversion to Mesh (Rhino) + conversion of all faces of the Mesh with the DeMesh command (Grasshopper) + Srf from points Grasshopper command) + Srf merge between surfaces (can only be done between two surfaces at a time) (Rhino)
If you know other tricks you can write here!
Thank you everyone for your help and your time