How to rationalize a randomly generated complicated surface

Hi all
I have generated a surface like the image below. I would like to modify it and change it to architecture . I think it is complicated to rebuild . Could any one share with me some steps when come across this kind of surface to make it easier to control by rhino tools? Thanks![random to rational.3dm|attachment]random to rational.3dm (621.3 KB)

I think it depends on what you are trying to achieve. You can use paneling tools in Grasshopper or think of a way how you want to build the actual architecture. Or a simple contour command could help you to create a waffle structure out of it? Please let us know your ideas about what you would try to achieve.

PS: Could you also provide a rhino6 file, please?

Hi, Clemen(rectify me if I am wrong)
I am now would like to use it as an entrance of a mall. while I am now working on massing, may apply glass and transom the next step, now have not get an ideal shape.
Here is the downgrade versionrandom to rational-R6.3dm (621.3 KB)

Thanks for downgrading to R6.

The shape you created, is it the final one or is this just an idea? As it is selfintersecting, you might need to think about digital fabrication how you can turn that into glass.

But if this is just a very rough idea and you would like to change the shape you can try to panelize it in Grasshopper.

Could you please also share how you derived the form? (grasshopper?)

Thank you,

There are several ideas or ways of digital fabrication to make forms like yours work. Do you have any idea of how you would like to fabricate your shape later on? If yes this might help us to figure out the approach to it.
For example:

Hi, thanks for your answer.
Helps to broad my thought.
I had get this shape though rhino and want to parameterize it for next step, to make it constructionable.
This is a initial model, so it really intersect itself.
I will try to take your advice to panelize after I improve the shape a bit, at least not self intersect first.
I will upload my initial curve that form this shape in 1 hour. Just need to leave my pc for a while

Sure. Thank you and keep us up to date!

These might be developable. There are a few topics that go into creating mesh strips.

random to rational-with loft curve-R6.3dm (707.0 KB)
Hi, here is the cimple curve I used for this geometry
And I will try to figure out my way to fabricate, when I have some ideas I will update this topic.
Many thanks!

HI, Rickson. Thanks a lot for your suggestion! I will read through

Reminds me of this guys work


Thank you @Rickson for sharing! I´m also interested in this guys approach! Do you have some tutorials or ideas how he did this? Seems like a special way of fabricating minimal surfaces!


I do not, i do believe that @DanielPiker is the best person to ask what the latest and greatest process is trending towards.

I believe this guy from LTH has told the principle how to make minimun surface , I am learning . You can find some info at 4:16 or so

HI, @Rickson. Thanks for your reference. I have some notes after reading.
1.Unfortunatly I have no newly added plugin in Rhino 7, will try once I have them.
2.The second topic is helpful especillaly Miguel Baron proposed the latest solution, I will try that at the moment.
3.Topic 3 is worth trying when my basic geometry is done, maby this time I can us stripe command to at least construct some transom to support my final facade