Complex surface

Hi Everyone!
I need help generating a complex surface, to achieve something like this:

Usually what I do is generate some bounding curves, and then just figure out which command will help me get closer to the goal, in this case, I have this:
But I just can’t seem to figure out how to generate the surface. My plan is to then use Paneling Tools to generate the structure and such, but for now, any help with the base surface would be great.

I leave the rhino file in case anyone wants to play around with it:
surfaceconstruction.3dm (40.7 KB)

Thanks a lot!

You can try patch and then turn on controlpoints and manipulate them.
Or use network surface. Look in help for details :smile:


This building pops up in the Grasshopper forum, which is probably how I would start thinking how to model a structure like this. Not the easiest example to start with if you are not currently using Grasshopper. But I would recommend searching around the site and seeing what you can find out!